Users & code is the business alter ego of developer, speaker, trainer, UX enthusiast and ocean lover Ola Karlsson.

Current offerings include:

  • Training on fundamentals of UX (User eXperience) for developers and other non UX professionals.
  • Project management, for example with the focus on how to bring more UX and user focus into the software development process.
  • Usability and Acessabillity evaluation of existing web sites.
  • Web, mobile and windows development with a focus solving the business needs but at the same time creating a great experience for the end user.
If this sounds interesting tou you, don't be shy, just drop me a line and say hello!

If you're looking for the slides from any of my recent presentations, they can be found on my Slideshare page.

And if you're a developer looking to use your super powers for the greater good, be sure to check out the For the greater good list on my Github repo.